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Chris Burnett

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Right Now:

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Can’tStop. Skating.

Prescription glasses...because...Apple.

Yup...still skateboarding.

Working on something large.

Rythmia, oh Rythmia-ah!

Still skateboarding. A lot.


Recorded some things at a real
studio for the first time.

Went to Iceland with the extended family.

Started recording new music.

Enjoyed love in paradise for 5 days.

Still skateboarding.

Proved to E that I could dunk.


Copped a new whip.

Went to New Orleans for the Morris & Jackson retreat.

Shot a music video in NY thanks to the amazing Pedro Lavín!

Still shooting lots of photos.

Still skateboarding.

Moved back to the City of Angels.


Freelanced for 3 months at the Jordan Brand HQ.

Freelanced for a month at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.

Temporarily moved back to PDX.

Started shooting lots of photos.

Returned to Los Angeles.

Finished producing/mixing my first full-length album.

Left for 3 months, to travel through Southeast Asia.

Freelanced for the Nike Running Concept team for SPSU19.

Freelanced with Jordan, to helpexecute the Gotta Shine
campaignfor the NBA All Star game.


Still skateboarding.

Freelanced at DKNY for a month,finalizing patterns and
design for the SP/SU17 line.

Tried freelancing again, and succeeded.


Went back to Nike, to work on the branding for the
Rio'16 Olympic Campaign.

Started freelancing, and failed.


Worked on the Nike Global Sportswear Branding team
at the headquarters.

Moved to the Simpson House in Portland with Bijan.


Started interning and then working with Odd Future, through
the Diystro agency.

Graduated from CalArts with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Kept skateboarding.


Moved to Portland for the summer, to intern at the Nike WHQ.


Interned at Lakai Ltd Footwear.

My first design internship at Smog Design in Silverlake, CA.


Kept skateboarding.


Graduated highschool and accepted thousands of
dollars of debt to attend California Institute of the Arts.


Started skateboarding.

Told my older brother that I'd never become a skater.


Started growing up in South Central.

Born in Los Angeles, CA.


Running on Cargo

Copyright 2020 Chris Burnett / All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2020 Chris Burnett / All Rights Reserved